Kenyan musician Boutross reveals why he loves older women

Kenyan musician Boutross reveals why he loves older women

A Kenyan singer Mwebia Munene popularly know as Boutross has revealed why he loves older women.

“I like a mature woman whom I can have a meaningful conversation with, at least a conversation that can make sense,” he said during an interview.

He added that women between aged between 35-37 are mature.

Boutross is a Kenyan rapper ,record producer, song writer and a singer, with a huge number of followers on social media.

He dropped his single, Angela, which trended globally and got 1 billion views on TikTok.

Boutross is the co-owner of ADF Music, an indie record company that has amassed a roster of rappers known as the AD Family

When he was asked if he can be kept by a woman, he said that he wouldn’t mind.

“Mimi siwezi mind kuwekwa , but siwezi kaa,” Boutross said.

He will be performing at Raha Fest being held Saturday, 30th March and Sunday 31st March at Uhuru gardens, in Nairobi

During the interview, he also added that he believes some of the Kenyan artists can compete internationally.

“Kenyan artists are doing well and I believe they can compete at international levels,” he stated.

The musician further criticised the Kenyan music, adding that he does not like the way it was being commercialised.

“It’s true I love Kenyan music even though I just don’t like the music business,” he noted

He further explained that most Kenyan artists have failed to invest in marketing their music, something that he said was hurting the sector.

“Most local artists don’t take into consideration the business aspect of the music, they don’t take into consideration the marketing, because they don’t wanna share some cash with someone,” he said.

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