Kenyans irked by Nairobi Speaker Ken Ngondi for ‘forcing’ female Muslim to shake his hand

Kenyans irked by Nairobi Speaker Ken Ngondi for ‘forcing’ female Muslim to shake his hand

A viral video featuring the Nairobi County Assembly Speaker Ken Ngondi has reignited the sexual harassment debate online.

In the less than one-minute-long video shared on X (formerly Twitter) platform by blogger Cyprian Nyakundi, Speaker Ngondi was seen walking into a room full of suspected staff members celebrating one of their own.

Some females walked up to him singing ‘Happy Birthday’ as they exchanged pleasantries. Ngondi then approached a female Muslim who remained seated as others sang while standing.

The Speaker appeared to ‘tease’ her into shaking his hand while he put his arm around her shoulder dragging her to stand up. Noticing the attention drawn to her, she covered her face with her black hijab.

Blogger Nyakundi questioned the Speaker in what he termed as violating the faith of the Muslim female.

“Hello, my Muslim brothers and sisters. Why should someone force himself on a devout Muslim lady who is not willing to defy the manners of her faith?” he posed.

Other Kenyans appeared to share similar sentiments on the platform.

Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi wrote “This is physical assault, a gross trespass to the person of the lady. I will be very surprised if criminal charges are not preferred.”

Another tweep, Mohamed Alinur commented “This is disrespectful to the Muslim community and our women. Even if she wasn’t a Muslim, to force someone who clearly objects to the sexual advancement is wrong. Ken Ngondi must make a public apology now.”

“Who is this uncultured man who has no respect for women and others faith? This woman has all the right to level charges against him as it qualifies as sexual harassment intimidation aside,” Mohammed Hersi opined.

Some tweeps however were of the opinion that the man will most likely not be charged for this matter.

“No surprise this isn’t gonna be looked at! Look at how the guy behaves. Even the ladies fear him,” Onyiego wrote.

“From this Our Muslim sister doesn’t look bothered,” Bett commented.

“Amekosea sana kushika dadazetu by force .we demand an apology,” Alhamdulilah added.

Ken Ngondi was on the receiving end of criticism in February this year after he announced plans by Nairobi County Assembly to purchase a mace worth Ksh30 million.

“My friend, I do not procure nor work in the procurement department but it is out of understanding and a lot of research that is the minimum we could go as a county. We don’t have anything less than that,” he said at the time.

Kileleshwa Member of County Assembly Robert Alai questioned the move, saying there were more pressing issues.

“It’s wrong for the Nairobi City County Assembly to buy a new mace as if that’s the most urgent thing. There are many things which should be spent on. A mace shouldn’t be a priority.

“I condemn this tender and call on Nairobians to resist this wanton wastage of funds,” Alai added.

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