Kenyans warned against bananas sold in supermarkets

Kenyans warned against bananas sold in supermarkets

The Consumer Federation of Kenya (COFEK) on September 7, advised Kenyans to be extra careful when purchasing bananas from supermarkets.

COFEK released a statement in response to remarks by consumers who had raised questions over the quality of bananas being sold in the market.

In addition, some consumers have alleged some retailers use harmful chemicals in the storage processes before the bananas are displayed for sale.

COFEK acknowledged that there are chances, some adulterated fruits are being sold to unsuspecting consumers.

The consumer federation also emphasized the need to source fruits and vegetables from reputable suppliers and retailers who adhere to health and safety standards.

“Consumers should exercise extreme discretion before buying bananas especially those sold in supermarkets,” read part of the COFEK statement.

This was after several consumers had raised concerns on social media about certain retailers who use harmful chemicals to speed up the ripening of fruits for sale.

 “I just posted this sweet banana on my WhatsApp status and my great friends shared shocking experiences about bananas, what are we being fed surely,” Nathan Davis posted.

Other consumers who commented about the matter online, revealed that some fruit sellers were using chemicals that speed up fruit growth and ripening.

Such occurrences and allegations in Kenya’s food industry call for urgent interventions to safeguard the quality of fruits and vegetables for the safety of consumers.

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