Lady Takes to Social Media Looking for Dad Who Left When She Was 3

Lady Takes to Social Media Looking for Dad Who Left When She Was 3

The digital creator’s heartfelt plea for her missing dad touched many hearts, her message was one of forgiveness and seeking reunion regardless of what had occurred in the past. Not one to shy away from vulnerability, she candidly expressed her decision to release any grudges and to understand her father’s choices, even though she admitted she couldn’t fully understand why he left her mother.

Her mother’s unwavering love for him had left a deep impression on her as she always spoke of him with love even after their separation.  In her message to her father, she expressed her compassion and understanding, sharing her desire to bridge the gap

“Dad, today something urged me to reach out to you,”

Fridah Harriet

Harriet’s plea began. She shared her journey of growing into a compassionate woman, ready to embrace her Daddy. While she had navigated life without him, she believed her daughter deserved a connection to her roots.

Growing up fatherless had been a struggle, one she was determined her own child wouldn’t face.

 “Now, my daughter, your granddaughter, needs you, Zakayo Kinyua Mbaabu.”

Harriet laid her feelings bare, acknowledging that even though she hadn’t met him, she carried his essence in her DNA and would want to know him better. She recognized her mother’s effort to instill respect and love for him.

She reached out to him online, aware of the embarrassment it might cause and divulged further that she had tried everything within her means, even connecting with step-siblings who had lost contact with him too.

Determined to close this chapter, she and her family want to reconnect with him, whether he’s alive or not.

Her search resonated with many Kenyans, who sympathized and shared her message far and wide. Her honest plea for connection and understanding struck a chord, reminding people of the importance of family ties and the lasting impact parents have on their children’s lives

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