Lady weds man she had said is not her type

Lady weds man she had said is not her type

When Apollo crossed paths with Leah, his initial impression was that she was arrogant.

Conversely, Leah saw Apollo as overly principled, someone who would never want a wife with her outspoken character.

However, as time passed, their personalities melded, forging an unbreakable bond.

Apollo and Leah

Their story began in 2016 at Makerere Chapel. Leah Kobusingye, an usher, and Apollo Twinomugisha, a leader in the same Christian ministry, first encountered each other.

Unfortunately, Apollo’s initial impression of Leah was far from favorable.

While serving together, he witnessed Leah engaging in heated arguments with fellow church members, leaving him with the impression that she was arrogant.

Their relationship remained strained as they couldn’t see eye to eye. Leah also distanced herself from Apollo because she perceived him as one of the most principled ushers, believing he would never be interested in someone like her.

Their initial perceptions of each other couldn’t have been more different.

Leah viewed Apollo as intelligent but serious, while Apollo saw Leah as attractive but unapologetically straightforward.

Despite these rocky beginnings, their friendship gradually deepened, far surpassing their initial expectations.

Leah’s heart began to warm to Apollo, and he, in turn, found himself increasingly drawn to her.

Apollo, realizing his feelings for Leah, sought divine guidance and meticulously crafted a proposal that took nearly a week.

On June 16, 2018, he mustered the courage to send her a WhatsApp message, expressing his love and desire for her to be his future wife.

He even set a two-month deadline for her response to avoid wasting any more time.

To Apollo’s surprise, Leah replied in just 13 days. His heartfelt message had deeply touched her.

Their love story culminated in a beautiful wedding at St Francis Chapel, Makerere, on September 14, 2019, following a heartfelt introduction ceremony in Kayanga Village, Kambuga Sub-county, Kanungu District.

The couple’s wedding, costing Shs20 million, was made possible through the contributions of family, friends, and their savings.

The cake and decorations added to the splendor, costing Shs850,000 and Shs1.5 million, respectively.

Today marks the fourth anniversary of Leah and Apollo’s marital journey. They credit their enduring happiness to the foundation of prayer and placing Jesus Christ at the center of their marriage.

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