Larry Madowo tickles Netizens with his cryptic post about marriage

Larry Madowo tickles Netizens with his cryptic post about marriage

Larry Madowo, the celebrated CNN International Correspondent known for travelling the world, has everyone talking.

He wrote a cryptic message on his social media that left netizens both amused and ticked.

The post read: “No matter how boring life gets, don’t get married.”

This short message sparked a lot of reactions. Photo: Larry Madowo/Facebook.

Many people found it funny and laughed at the cheeky advice. Some thought it was Larry’s clever way of dodging the topic of marriage, something many have been curious about.

Larry, with his adventurous lifestyle and exciting career, often shares glimpses of his travels and experiences.

This post, however, was different. It seemed to give a glimpse into his thoughts, making people wonder about his views on marriage.

Larry posing with singer Tiwa Savage.Photo: Larry Madowo/Facebook.

Madowo loves tickling people

Fans and followers quickly shared their opinions. Some agreed with him, saying life can be exciting without marriage. Others joked about it, asking if Larry had some secret wisdom about avoiding marriage.

Despite the mixed reactions, one thing was clear: Larry Madowo knows how to keep people engaged and entertained. His cryptic post added another layer to his intriguing personality, making people even more curious about the man behind the camera.

As always, Larry continues to roam the world, reporting on important stories and living his exciting life. And with posts like these, he keeps reminding us that he is not just a journalist, but also a master of wit and mystery.

Netizens Reactions

MCA Tricky  · 

Post more of this Larry 👏👏

Martin Owen Murithi

You and Minor Kagheni mnatufunza through actions😀

Alloys Maspank Wekesa

Chairman men’s conference 😁🔥

Twinamatsiko Paddy Ruhinda  · 

Mostly if you are 35+

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