Light at the end of the tunnel for the deaf in the film industry?

Light at the end of the tunnel for the deaf in the film industry?

A screening for a movie made for the hard-of-hearing and the deaf community was screened on Friday at Anga Cinema, Diamond Plaza.

The event was graced by dignitaries like Music Copyright Society of Kenya boss Ezekiel Mutua and Kenya Film Classification Board communications manager Nelly Muluka.

“MCSK is committed to support persons with disabilities towards promoting talent development and inclusivity in the music industry,” said Ezekiel Mutua.

Dr Ezekiel Mutua poses with the screening attendees at Anga Cinema. PHOTO/COURTESY

The screening was organized by the Doctors of hearing organization in a bid to champion for inclusivity.

“I laud the efforts of Doctors of Hearing to spearhead an event of this magnitude as I acknowledge the pivotal role cinemas play in the community,” said Anga cinema’s Managing Director Kenneth Bett.

The Managing Director of Doctors of Hearing Dr. Richard Mwangi, asserted on the importance of creating opportunities for the deaf in the film and entertainment industry.

“The evening culminated in the screening of the much-anticipated film, leaving a profound impact on attendees and affirming the significance of creating an inclusive platform for the deaf and hard-of-hearing,” read a statement by Doctors of Hearing in part.

The deaf community perform during the screaning at Anga Cinema. PHOTO/COURTESY

“The inaugural screening by Doctors of Hearing – Kenya is not only a momentous occasion but also a pivotal step towards fostering greater inclusivity within the film and entertainment industry. It sets a powerful precedent for future endeavors that seek to unite diverse communities through the magic of cinema.”

“The screening showcased the power of film to transcend barriers and bring communities together. The synergy between Doctors of Hearing – Kenya and Anga Cinemas symbolized their shared commitment to amplifying voices and experiences that have often been overlooked.”

“This event will undoubtedly serve as a milestone in the journey towards greater inclusivity and diversity in the film and entertainment industry in Kenya. As the curtains closed on the evening, the resounding message was clear: the power of film knows no bounds when it comes to forging connections and promoting understanding among all members of society.”