Kenya launches cheap cooking oil machines

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Kenya launches cheap cooking oil machines

The government of Kenya through the Ministry of Trade and Investments on Monday, August 21, launched ‘Mama Pima’ cooking oil dispensing machines that will enable consumers to buy the commodity for as little as KSh10.

Traders interested to join the venture of selling the cooking oil will be required to acquire the dispensing machines at a cost of approximately Ksh185,000.

The government through the Mama Pima program plans to offer a subsidy to traders who buy the cooking oil dispensing machines.

This was after Kenya partnered with Indonesia’s Pt Industri Nabati Lestari (INL), a leading edible oils manufacturer to supply cooking oil dispensers.

Kenya National Trading Corporation (KNTC) was tasked with implementing the program by importing refined cooking oil duty-free and distributing it to retailers in the whole country.

As a result, the government allowed (KNTC) to import 150,000 tonnes of rice, 125,000 tonnes of cooking oil, 200,000 tonnes of sugar, 25,000 tonnes of wheat, and 80,000 tonnes of beans duty-free for one year.

Trade Cabinet Secretary (CS) Moses Kuria noted that the move was aimed at stabilizing food prices in the country.

“I have this afternoon launched the Mama Pima, oil dispenser meant for hustlers in this country. Our people can now buy cooking oil at very affordable rates, from as low as 10 shillings to cook for a day,” said CS Moses Kuria.

The Trade CS added that the government was working closely with Governors from counties that can grow palm oil trees in empowering farmers to produce palm oil locally.  

This will help the country save up to Ksh100 billion which is usually spent on importing edible oils annually.

A statement by KNTC revealed that it will supply the cooking oil dispensing machines with affordable edible oils with the aim of lowering the high cost of living in the country.

The use of dispensing machines for milk and edible oils is very common in cities, especially Nairobi where consumers prefer buying cooking oils and milk in smaller quantities.

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