Man arrested after knocking down pedestrian, setting his Toyota Wish on fire

Man arrested after knocking down pedestrian, setting his Toyota Wish on fire

The Uganda Police Force has issued a statement regarding a recent incident involving Suubi Balidawa, the man caught on video setting his vehicle, which had recently been involved in an accident, ablaze.

Police say that the accident took place on May 7, 2024 at 9:18 am at Muvule along Gayaza Road opposite Riham Depot, where Balidawa, driving a black Toyota Wish (registration number UBE 852 E), knocked down and injured a pedestrian.

Preliminary investigations have revealed that the victim, 58-year-old Nakabaliki Naome, was crossing the road to go check on her son when she was knocked down.

Balidawa is said to have attempted to run but he was stopped by boda-boda riders who insisted he take the injured pedestrian to the hospital.

Instead of following through, Balidawa transferred the victim to a hired motorcycle and parked his vehicle elsewhere to avoid detection. He also provided a false number plate to the victim’s son in an attempt to evade responsibility.

The victim’s son reported the matter at Kanyanya Police Station and upon following up he discovered Balidawa had not yet presented himself.

Upon being contacted, Balidawa excused himself claiming he was attending to his sick child.

Two days later on May 9, he availed himself at the Elegu Police Station and despite being instructed to hand over his vehicle and follow proper procedures, Balidawa failed to comply promptly.

It wasn’t until 17th May 2024 that he reported to Kanyanya Police Station, where he initially denied involvement but later confessed to his actions.

Balidawa was granted police bond on 18th May but on 21st May, a video surfaced on social media showing him burning the vehicle.

Balidawa has since been arrested and is being held at at Elegu Police Station pending further investigations.

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