Man narrates how girlfriend got married while he was abroad


Four years ago, Murimi embarked on a journey to Qatar in pursuit of greener pastures, leaving behind the love of his life back home.

It was a decision he made with high hopes and dreams of a better future.

Murimi discovered his girlfriend was cheating

Long-distance love

Fast forward to his third year away from home, fate had its way, and their paths crossed once again.

Surprisingly, as they engaged in heartfelt conversations, the lady revealed just how much she had missed him.

Their reunion was filled with smiles and shared memories, rekindling the flame of their affection.

However, the unexpected struck like a bolt of lightning.

Murimi couldn’t help but notice her phone buzzing with an incoming call labelled “Babe two.”


Consequently, suspicion crept in like an unwelcome guest.

He decided to answer the call, and on the other end was a bewildered man, just as perplexed as he was.

In that shocking moment, the truth unravelled like a twisted tale.

Murimi discovered that the woman he had cherished and yearned for had been keeping a colossal secret.

She had not only moved on but had entered into a marriage that lasted for two whole years. A life-changing revelation had just shattered his world.

The feelings of betrayal and heartache surged within him as he realized the extent of her deceit.

The love they had shared seemed to have been just a memory for her, while he had held onto it as his lifeline in a foreign land.

Murimi couldn’t fathom how she could keep such a significant chapter of her life hidden from him.

As Murimi grappled with this newfound knowledge, he understood that his pursuit of green pastures had come at a tremendous personal cost.

The love he left behind had evolved into a web of lies, leaving him to navigate a world turned upside down by the woman he thought he knew.

The path to his dreams had become a journey of unexpected twists, challenging him to find a new way forward.

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