Man pleads with court to jail him due to harsh economic times

Man pleads with court to jail him due to harsh economic times

Drama unfolded in a Nairobi courtroom, a scene so surreal it could be torn from the pages of a gripping novel.

A suspect, his face etched with desperation, stood before the magistrate, his plea echoing with haunting sincerity.

His plea was for the magistrate to jail him so that he can have adequate food and shelter due to the hard economic times.

In a video viral seen online, the suspect attempted to convince the judge that he was fit to stand trial after he was arrested for attempted suicide.

Minutes later, the suspect pleaded with the judge to jail him, indicating that he could no longer manage to fend for himself due to the high cost of living, which had pushed him to the brink of poverty.

He also explained that he was left hopeless after failing to secure a job as promised by the United Democratic Alliance Party (UDA). However, he did not clarify the nature of the job, salary and other terms and conditions. 

“I was born in Makadara, Likoni but I stay in Mavoko. But let me be honest, your honour, jail me so that I can get adequate food and I can continue living since suicide is not something I want to do.

Adding, “Also, you might find someone struggling in life, and you do not know what he is going through,” he explained in court.

He told the judge that he would work diligently in prison, on the condition that the judge prescribes special food for him. 

“So badala nijitupe kwa river your honor, nakumba tafadhali unifunge ili niweze kupata chakula, chakula isiwe yoyote bali iwe special. Mimi nakuahidi niko na akili timamu kabisa kwahivyo usijali,” he stated to the shock of the court. 

The suspect also explained that he parted ways with his wife and hence lacked a next of kin.

If found guilty, the suspect will be sentenced to either serve two years in prison or pay a fine instituted by the judge or face both, as per Section 226 of the Penal Code.

This unusual case has shed light on the widening job crisis and the lengths to which some individuals will go when dealing with the high cost of living.

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