“Mathe wa Ngara’s” son speaks “police raided our neighbourhood, ordered youth to leave.”

“Mathe wa Ngara’s” son speaks “police raided our neighbourhood, ordered youth to leave.”

Fake “Mathew wa Ngara” Teresia Wanjiru is still in police custody over suspicions of possession and trafficking drugs.`

It was later established that she was not “Mathe wa Ngara” although the prosecution alleges that the two are linked.

Her son spoke to ‘TV47’ asserting the innocence of his mother expressing hope that she would be acquitted of all charges. He narrated the occurrence before his mother’s arrest.

Police raid neighbourhood…

“I woke up and found that police officers had raided our neighbourhood. They ordered all the youth to leave the neighbourhood and we did,” he told TV47.

“Upon returning, I was informed that my mother had been arrested together with two minors for being suspected of trafficking drugs.”

Insisting that his mother was innocent, he said he hoped for justice to prevail. “I think what made them arrest my mother was because she was in the vicinity and they couldn’t arrest the minors without an adult.”

“I hope my mother is released and is able to go back to her normal life which will be difficult because everyone now knows her,” he said.

“I have been arrested so many times…”

He also highlighted the challenges their family has faced so far ever since the arrest of his mother. “Personally I have been arrested so many times but for petty crimes, none of my family members has ever faced such charges.”

In a bail hearing held on Monday, the prosecution asked court to deny her together with her co-accused Nancy Kigunzu aka Mathew wa Ngara and the two minors bail saying they are a flight risk.

The prosecution further added that the four are poison to the society and if granted bail they will continue to “poison” the society.

“The accused persons be isolated from society so they do not continue poisoning the society in which they live in, “reads the prosecution’s affidavit in part.

“Should the respondents be released before the investigations are complete, there is a likelihood that they will interfere with the investigations and compilation of evidence,” argued the prosecution.

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