Men, if you get a child out of wedlock,you bring them home or not?


Mwashumbe and Mwakideu, the dynamic duo behind the popular show Breakfast 47, tackled a thought-provoking issue.

During their recent show, they talked about the complexities of marriage.

Mwashumbe and Mwakideu
Mwashumbe and Mwakideu touched on a sensitive topic

With their microphones in hand and their voices filled with curiosity.

Mwashumbe and Mwakideu posed a challenging question to their male listeners, particularly those who’ve tied the knot.

The question echoed through the airwaves stirring emotions and igniting debates.

If a married man finds himself in a situation where he has fathered a child outside the bounds of his marriage, what should his course of action be?

Should he bring the child home and share in the responsibility of raising that child alongside his wife?

Mwashumbe urged men to be careful

Or is the path of providing necessary financial support to the mother and child the more appropriate choice, acknowledging his responsibility as the father?

As the discussion unfolded, Mwashumbe urged men to approach such a situation with the utmost consideration.

He emphasized that once a man has taken the sacred vows of marriage, faithfulness to his wife should be paramount.

Additionally, if he engages in affairs outside the boundaries of his marriage the responsibility for those actions lies squarely on his shoulders.

Mwashumbe and Mwakideu received mixed reactions

Mwakideu’s remarks

Mwakideu, equally passionate about the topic, added his perspective to the conversation.

He stressed that women should also take an active role in caring for their children.

After all, it takes two to tango.

Simply sending the children to the father’s home does not provide a comprehensive solution to the complex issue at hand.

Responsible parenting

Mwashumbe and Mwakideu didn’t shy away from delving into the nuances of this multifaceted issue.

They encouraged their listeners to consider the emotional and psychological well-being of the children involved.

While financial support is crucial, the importance of maintaining a stable and loving environment for these young souls was not to be overlooked.

Transitioning seamlessly from one point to the next, Mwashumbe and Mwakideu guided their audience through a thought-provoking exploration of the responsibilities.

The hosts discussed challenges that come with fatherhood, especially in the context of marriage.

Their engaging discussion left listeners pondering the intricate balance between fidelity, responsibility, and the best interests of the children caught in the middle.

As the morning sun rose higher in the sky, Breakfast 47 continued to serve up food for thought, leaving its listeners with much to reflect upon in the realm of relationships and parenthood.

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