“Mimi na wewe ni watoto wa Diana,” Bahati to adopted son

“Mimi na wewe ni watoto wa Diana,” Bahati to adopted son

Kenyan musician Kevin Kioko alias Bahati has published a letter to his adopted son Morgan Bahati on his social media platforms.

Bahati has revealed how he ended up deciding to adopt Morgan.

“I have looked at these pictures and just realised you’re becoming a man. This is 10 years go the first day I met you. That day when I invited ABC Children’s Home (where I grew up at) to come and preform at my Album Launch in 2013,” recalled the ‘Mama’ hit maker.

Photos shared by Bahati of him and Morgan on his social media platform

“I remember that day as if it were yesterday; the way you cried and called me daddy. It was difficult for me seeing the two year old you forced to enter the bus heading back to the orphanage; I saw your pain and I saw myself through you; having grown in a children’s home at times lonely with no one to call mum or dad.”

Bahati goes ahead to narrate how theirs was love at first sight and he that knew that he wanted to adopt Morgan despite feeling unprepared.

“My son from that day; though I was not ready I decided to be a father and I took you in as my son…son listen to me! I am your Father and you’re my son! God planned it nothing can change that! As you grow you will see a lot of nonsense and inhuman stuff said on this ruthless world.”

On women leaving him and Diana Bahati being the exception

Bahati has appreciated his wife Diana Bahati in hindsight for taking up the responsibility of raising Morgan as her own.

“I will not open up about everything but something I’ve never shared with anyone is that even some women left me because they were not ready to raise a child that’s not theirs.”

“‘Look at you now, you have the most caring mother on earth! Mimi na wewe ni watoto wa Diana,” he jested in true Bahati fashion.

The musician apologised for thrusting Morgan into the limelight at a young age.

“Forgive me for introducing you to the public this young but above all I want you to know that you are the best gift I ever got.”

“You’re my first born and without you, our family is incomplete! Always remember you’re loved and treasured and I will do whatever I can as the Lord enables me to see all your dreams come to pas,” he said further disputing claims that Morgan’s biological parents are Diana Bahati and footballer Victor Wanyama.

A photo of Diana alongside Wanyama before she got married to Bahati further fueled the speculations. The two have dismissed these claims condemning those spreading the allegations.

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