Moha wa Nyayo house: Celebrated Police man praised by woman he helped get passport within hours

Moha wa Nyayo house: Celebrated Police man praised by woman he helped get passport within hours

Celebrated Administrative Policeman (AP) Mohamed Ahmed’s kindness has stirred emotions across Kenya.

Touching the deepest corners of people’s hearts.

He is popularly known as Moha wa Nyayo House, where he serves as an administrative police officer.

He went above and beyond to assist a woman who found herself in a time-sensitive situation.

The woman, who refers to herself as the “Savannah girl,” expressed her gratitude to Moha through a heartfelt text message, recounting how he turned her life around without any expectations.

Everyone who has encountered Moha has nothing but kind words about how he helped them when they needed it the most.

Angel on earth

Reflecting on her life, the Savannah girl marvelled at the kindness Moha showed her, even though they were strangers.

She recalled an instance where a passport was urgently needed for a potential trip to Europe with a delegation. Feeling helpless due to the absence of a passport, she was prepared to pay a significant sum to expedite the process.

Donor didn’t give me time to explain myself, he just assumed I have a passport. I asked around, a close friend referred me to a lady who will take Ksh 10,000 to fast track the processing of the passport

In her moment of desperation, Moha appeared like a guardian angel.

With empathy and genuine concern, he listened to her predicament and promptly guided her through the complex bureaucracy.

You listened to me  and told me to come you take me to your Seniors.

What humbled me the most is all the while explained my situation to the Mkubwa you referred to me as your sister .

Savannah’s prayer for Moha

The woman was amazed by Moha’s humility and caring nature.

Moha’s intervention not only secured her passport within hours but also restored her faith in humanity.

Her passport was processed with the utmost urgency, placing her among priority cases.

As the woman embarked on her international journey, she left Nyayo House with a heart full of gratitude and a prayer for Moha’s well-being.

I ask the evening shift guards of your whereabouts and I am told you are out till tomorrow. I left, and said a prayer for You May God make roads for you in forests and oasis in deserts. May Your household never go hungry.

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