MP John KJ Kiarie pens heartfelt apology letter to Kenyans

MP John KJ Kiarie pens heartfelt apology letter to Kenyans

Dagoretti South MP John Waweru Kiarie has penned a heartfelt letter to Kenyans, apologising for the comments he made regarding the protests against the Finance Bill 2024, and the authenticity of certain images.

The lawmaker attracted the public ire after his remarks on the floor of the National Assembly on Tuesday, in which he claimed that the anti-Finance Bill demonstrations were fake and that the photos shared online were doctored.

Proclaiming himself to be a specialist in photography and able to spot a photo that had been digitally manipulated, MP Kiarie informed the House that several of the images that had been widely circulated online in the wake of Tuesday’s protests were, in fact, old photos that had been obtained from different protests throughout the globe.

In his letter, he states, ” I truly apologize for comments I made regarding the protests and the authenticity of certain images. In the heat of the moment, during the debate on the finance bill, my words were unnecessary, misguided, and insensitive,”

He further states that he deeply regrets his utterances which came out before “a reflection and understanding the anger that stems from decades of many unresolved, but very pertinent national issues and frustration that exists in the nation.”

“Having been a part of movements clamouring for social justice and good governance in the past, I acknowledge the importance of vigilance and also popular agitation for a better Kenya,” he added.

“I appreciate and celebrate the courage and creativity shown by the younger generation in advocating for change through innovative channels and platforms including social media and other emerging technologies.”

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