MP Peter Salasya defends his ‘strange’ opinion on climate change after viral video

MP Peter Salasya defends his ‘strange’ opinion on climate change after viral video

Mumias East Member of Parliament (MP) Peter Salasya has clapped back at social media users criticizing his opinion on climate.

It all began on Monday, September 4 when MP Salasya was speaking on the sidelines amid the ongoing Africa Climate Summit in Nairobi.

MP Peter Salasya at his office. PHOTO/FACEBOOK

The three-day event is taking place at Kenyatta International Conventional Centre (KICC).

Peter Salasya’s take on climate change

“As we are all aware climate change is… climate change is real because of global warming,” Salasya stuterred.

He recounted experiencing cold weather conditions during his recent stay in Mombasa, which he was told was an effect of climate change.

“I was in Mombasa last week and it was so cold. I asked them what was not happening and they told me it was because of jua imekuwa mingi ice ikamelt hiyo nini inakuwa baridi,” the legislator was quoted as saying.

“He left us more confused”

Netizens did not hold back their reactions towards the first-time MP, accusing him of being clueless and rudderless towards the matter.

Salasya however defended himself stating that he explained climate change in layman’s language to be easily understood.

“Am not an environmentalist or a geographical person but I tried in layman’s language,” he added.

Peter Salasya elaborates his point

As if that was not enough, the MP took to social media on Wednesday morning to elaborate his ‘misunderstood’ opinion on climate change, alongside the viral video which sparked a heated debate.

As a rural MP who was attending the Africa Climate Summit, Salasya said he was advocating for clean energy noting that his community was highly affected because of the vast use of firewood as a source of energy.

“People in the rural areas are using firewood(kuni) which contributes to climate change, as we cut down trees… The soot or carbon emissions from burning wood are so detrimental and continue to destroy the ozone layer letting in UV rays in full that are responsible for skin cancers,” Salasya explained.

He affirmed that he was pushing the government to provide affordable cooking gas so his people may abandon their harmful practices.

Day two of the Africa Climate Summit

Meanwhile, several heads of state and global leaders are expected to hold sessions as the Africa Climate Summit enters day two.

President William Ruto, who arrived at KICC on Wednesday at 7:30 a.m., officially flagged off the Heads of State Session.