MP Peter Salasya rejects marriage proposal from lady “Nitashindwa na kazi”

MP Peter Salasya rejects marriage proposal from lady “Nitashindwa na kazi”

Mumias East Member of Parliament Peter Salasya has rejected a marriage proposal from a lady who had offered to be his wife.

According to him, he says that he might not be able to handle her due to her physical appearance.

“I have heard that this is trending and am not sure if I can handle her,” Salasya wrote on his Facebook post.

Bramwel Abueka went ahead and commented under his post, ” Whatever you do know that you are representing the whole of luyha nation.”

Mc Anguka Lulei another one of Salasya’s followers said “You are honest mhesh.”

Lady proposing to MP Peter Salasya
Lady proposing to MP Peter Salasya

A few days ago, a picture of a lady by the name Lavyn Shantell, had circulated on social media as she held a placard requesting the MP to marry her.

She added that she was ready to settle and left her phone number for Salasya to reach out to her.

MP Peter Salasya looking forward to marry

In 2022, Salasya revealed the qualities of his ideal woman that he would love to marry.

He said that his woman must be a God-fearing person and have interest in politics so that she may be able to support him in politics.

However, he stated that he was not in a hurry to marry and he could not be convinced otherwise.

The new content creator had also shown interest in improving his appearance when he started a skin care routine so as not to look bad.

Despite the MP’s move to venture into the digital content creation world, his work as a legislator of Mumias East has been acknowledged by many.

Sammy Samba praised Salasya for his great work that he was doing for his people.

“One of the most vibrant young leaders Kenya has, continue working for the people of Mumias, mbele iko sawa,” he commented.