MP Wamboka: I will seek other options if Select Committee saves CS Linturi

MP Wamboka: I will seek other options if Select Committee saves CS Linturi

Bumula Member of Parliament (MP) Jack Wamboka, who moved an impeachment motion against Agriculture Cabinet Secretary (CS) Mithika Linturi, reiterated he should go.

Wamboka was speaking today while delivering his closing remarks before the Select Committee at County Hall during Linturi’s impeachment hearing.

The first-time lawmaker expressed disappointment at the Committee, alluding they would not impeach the CS despite his grave offenses.

“Honourable members, farmers of Kenya, and general public, I Wanami Wamboka have tried. Remember, for the years you live on this earth, Kenyan farmers will never forget this Select Committee…

“There are so many ways of killing a rat and one of them is the Select Committee. We will be proceeding ahead of this because we are determined for the Kenyan farmer. Mithika Linturi must go for fake fertiliser!” he asserted.

Wamboka reiterated that CS Linturi was running away from the fake fertiliser scandal, yet he is the senior most official in the ministry.

“When things are good, the Minister (Linturi) chest thumps and says ‘I have done this, I need to be congratulated’. But when things go south, he says ‘it wasn’t me’.

He urged the 11-member team to consider the plight of Kenyan farmers, who unknowingly purchased thousands of bags of fake fertilizer from National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB).

“Please bear in mind that farmers were affected, farmers are crying. You may bury your heads in sand but at the end of the day there is God. When humanity cries to God in times of difficulty, God will come through for them.

“We have seen mighty people exist. We’ve seen them make humanity suffer. We’ve seen them chest thump but where did they go? The list is long.”

Today (Friday, May 10) marks the end of the three-day impeachment hearing for Agriculture CS Mithika Linturi.

The accused is expected to also deliver his closing remarks before the end of the session. The Select Committee will then proceed to a weekend-long retreat to make their judgment.

On Monday, May 13, they will submit their report before Parliament for approval. Should they choose to impeach CS Linturi, the report will be moved to President William Ruto to assent to the impeachment.

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