Mum of four starves to death after failed gastric surgery

Mum of four starves to death after failed gastric surgery

A 32-year-old mother of four, Shannon Meenan Browse, tragically starved to death over 18 agonizing months.

This was following gastric sleeve surgery, she had undergone.

Shannon Meenan Browse died just days before her youngest son’s fifth birthday

Catastrophic surgery

The surgery left Shannon unable to eat solid foods without vomiting.

The mum of four health deteriorated to the point where her teeth rotted, and her hair fell out.

Shannon Meenan Browse eventually died from multiple organ failure at Altnagelvin Hospital in Derry, Northern Ireland.

This was just days before her youngest son’s fifth birthday.

Shannon became so ill that her teeth rotted and her hair fell out

Shannon’s weight loss journey

Shannon had initially embarked on a weight loss journey.

She successfully shed nearly five stone with the help of a personal trainer and an exercise program.

However, she developed myopathy, a condition affecting voluntary muscle movement, which led her to consider weight loss surgery as an option.

Weight loss surgery

Weight loss surgery carries certain risks, including difficulty swallowing, blood clots, and, in rare cases, death.

Unfortunately, Shannon’s health took a severe downturn shortly after her surgery.

She could only consume water from Pot Noodles and suffered from constant pain and cramps.

Shannon needed frequent visits to the doctor for rehydration.

Shannon’s family are warning people about the risks of gastric sleeve surgery

From bad to worse

Shannon’s husband, Don, revealed that her health rapidly declined over the 17 to 18 months following the operation.

He emphasized the importance of awareness regarding the risks associated with weight loss surgery.

Shannon leaves behind four children, aged 14, seven, and twins, with her youngest son celebrating his fifth birthday just days after her passing.

Shane, Shannon’s father, expressed gratitude for their care in Northern Ireland and cautioned others to thoroughly consider the risks before seeking treatment abroad.

Family’s advice

In an emotional message, Shannon’s brother, Shane, honoured his sister’s memory and warned against pursuing treatments abroad solely for the sake of societal expectations.

He reminded everyone that weight can be managed, but a life lost cannot be replaced.

He urged people to think carefully before making such decisions and emphasized that once you embark on a medical journey abroad, you may find yourself on your own. Shane concluded by saying, “Sleep tight, my beautiful sister.”

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