Murugi Munyi says she is glad they fought for their marriage after cheating scandal

Murugi Munyi says she is glad they fought for their marriage after cheating scandal

Social media influencer Murugi Munyi finally spoke about her marriage with Zach Munyi.

The two made headlines in 2022 when a woman named Nurse Judy alleged to be cheating with Zach.

The drama escalated further when Nurse Judy alleged that Murugi Munyi was cheating with her husband as well.

Speaking on the Lynn Ngugi Show, Murugi Munyi neither confirmed or denied the allegations.

Murugi and Zach Munyi on vacation. PHOTO/COURTESY

“I can never speak or defend anyone else because I am only accountable for myself,” said the mother of three.

“I am only accountable for my heart and my body parts,” Murugi Munyi said in jest.


The Munyi’s separation

She admitted to a two weeks separation between her and her husband during that period.

“We separated because the situation was causing us so much stress it was difficult to be around each other in a respectful manner.”

“We however got back together after two weeks, we talked and sought therapy,” she added.

According to Murugi, the expeience taught them to stop taking each other for granted.

“Sometimes it is so easy to take the person you are with for granted.”

“This situation taught us that whatever we had can be over in a moment,” said Murugi in hindsight.

“Zach and I are bestfriends, he is my biggest supporter and the best father to my children.

She wishes Nurse Judy well

Upon being asked whether she had anything against Nurse Judy, she admitted that she feels indifferent.

“She has said many things about me, that I am a horrible person,” said Murugi Munyi.

Murugi and Zach Munyi. PHOTO/COURTESY

“I keep wondering even if I am a horrible person, why would that affect you in your home?” She wondered.

She however insisted that the only person who owes her loyalty is her husband and not Nurse Judy.

My fans are not my friends

She went ahead and highlighted her biggest take away from the scandal as not oversharing things about her marriage.

“My biggest lesson was to stop tagging my husband on my Instagram posts.”

Murugi says that she is aware that her fans are not her friends and in as much as they will celebrate her wins, they will be happy for her losses as well.

“A lot of people are still angry Zack and I are together. Some even DM me and tell me they know we pretend to be happy.”

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