Museveni demands answers from Parliament Speaker over house ownership in London

Museveni demands answers from Parliament Speaker over house ownership in London

The Speaker of Uganda’s Parliament Anita Annet Among was put on the spot by President Yoweri Museveni over alleged ownership of a house in the United Kingdom (UK).

In a brief letter dated May 23, President Museveni claimed she had not been truthful regarding the house based in London, and had therefore sought information from the UK government.

“I have got information that is contrary to what you told me, that you, indeed own a house in London in the form of Flat 4, Silk House, 7 Waterden Road, London, E20 3AL, United Kingdom.

“Do you own that house or are you renting it? read part of Museveni’s letter.

He went on to state that he had directed the Minister of Foreign Affairs to seek answers from the UK.

“I direct the Minister of Foreign Affairs to contact the UK government and get details regarding this house. The IGG is also informed,” Museveni added.

Among responded in a long post on X (formerly Twitter), claiming this was political witchhunt for her stand against homosexuality.

“I am glad that His Excellency the President of Uganda has given attention to this matter and rightfully chosen to seek the truth through formal diplomatic channels…

“Since the UK government claims I own property, it should be prudent of them to state which property I own as Anita Annet Among. Forgery should be the least the world can expect from them. I am sure this is the answer my President, our government, and myself want from them. Nothing else,” read part of her statement.

The Speaker maintained the house in question was not owned by anyone identified as Anita Among.

Among was also quick to add that the matter was not raised to shed light on alleged corruption, but intimidate her for her stand on LGBTQ.

“I insist and wish to alert all, soundly, that the issue is not the alleged corruption or ownership in the UK. The attempts to forge and claim that I own property when their own records show the contrary tell it all.

“The real crux of the matter is about targeting Anita Among for being vocal against homosexuality. The rest is a cover-up. The truth will set me free,” she added.

Kenyans online expressed admiration for President Museveni for holding officers in his government accountable.

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