Kenya Met: Nairobi to experience cloudy mornings, sunny afternoons this week

Kenya Met: Nairobi to experience cloudy mornings, sunny afternoons this week

The Kenya Meteorological Department has released the national weekly weather forecast starting Monday, May 27.

Some regions will have showers and thunderstorms, while others will experience sunny intervals.

The forecast indicates that certain areas will see a decrease in rainfall, with central Highlands, Western Kenya, and Rift Valley expected to receive rain during this period.

“Sunny intervals are expected in the morning. Afternoon and night showers and thunderstorms are expected over few places.” Kenya Met stated.

The weather department also mentioned that daytime temperatures in the Coast, North Eastern, and North Western regions of Kenya will exceed 30 degrees Celsius.

Night temperatures in the Central Highlands will drop to below 10 degrees, while the Coast and North Eastern regions will experience strong winds during this time.

“Strong southerly to south-easterly winds with speeds exceeding 25 knots (12.9 m/s) are expected over some parts of the Coast and North-eastern Kenya.

“Rainfall is expected over a few areas in the Highlands East and West of Rift Valley, the Lake Victoria Basin, and the Rift Valley,” the Met department stated.

The highlands East of the Rift Valley, including Nairobi, are predicted to have cloudy mornings breaking into sunny intervals. This area will also see occasional showers, with partly cloudy nights.

Additionally there will be moderate rainfall in some parts of the country tonight.

The department advised Kenyans to stay updated on weather forecast by checking their official social media pages or contacting the County Directors of Meteorology for accurate information to help with planning.

Kenya has been hit by heavy rainfall recently, causing displacement and losses for many. People living in riparian areas are advised to move to safer places to prevent being swept away.

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