Actor Omosh blames kids’ schooling for not relocating to house he was gifted

Actor Omosh blames kids’ schooling for not relocating to house he was gifted

Former Tahidi High Actor, Joseph Kinuthia alias Omosh Kizangila hasn’t moved to the three-bedroom house donated to him by a good samaritan Sung Timber’s CEO and founder, Kathy Andrew, and her friends in 2021.

Three-bedroom house built for Omosh in 2021. Photo/Courtesy

The actor had faced some financial struggles to the point of being homeless and went online crying and pleaded for help.

Emotional Omosh when pleading for financial help. Photo/Courtesy

Known for their generosity and kindness, Kenyans went ahead and donated to him in plenty and a generous well-wisher also chipped in and built him the three-bedroom house with an open plan American kitchen with a spacious children’s playground.

In an interview with Nicholas Kioko on August 21, 2023, he shared his reasons why he hasn’t moved in to the complete and beautiful done house.

Omosh after recovery from alcohol. Phot/Courtesy

“The house is still there. Kuna logistics mi huangalianga kama Watoto kuchange shule. Hao iko lakini sasa the nearest chuo ni ka distance. Ntakua naumiza huyo mtoi kama ni kuenda asubuhi na kurudi jioni. Wakishagrow tutaenda tu. Hao ni yetu. Huko ni home,” Omosh said.

He explained that while he intends to move in eventually, the current proximity of the nearest school makes it challenging, as it could mean a long commute for his children.

Once they have grown a bit older, he plans to relocate, emphasising that the house holds a special place in his heart as their true home.

Omosh was a seasoned and well established actor but his serious battle with alcoholism was his biggest downfall.

Renowned Actor Omosh when he acted in Tahidi High. Photo/Courtesy

Adding, “At the moment niko fiti. Life inakuanga na machallenges zake, but God amenisikia. Nilikam kurealise there are some many things nilijaribu kufanya on my own, nilikua nakaa train but nilifight kutoka,” he said.

Reflecting on his life, he admitted that alcohol and smoking took over his life. However, he went back to factory settings, gave his life to Christ and turned over a new leaf.

Omosh when giving his life to Christ. Photo/Courtesy

This wake-up call was  heightened by witnessing the tragic loss of two of his close friends.

The decision to quit alcohol was driven by painful experiences, memories of violent behavior, loss of appetite, and financial strain that weighed heavily on Omosh.

Despite all these challenges Omosh still remains a dedicated and committed husband and father. He is blessed with three children with his first wife, Mrs. Ngatia who was also an actress on Tahidi High during his time and three more with second wife Mumbi.

Omosh with his wife Mrs. Ngatia. Photo/Courtesy

“Mi sijawahi divorce. Niko na familia yangu, watu wangu, watoto wangu na tuko intact!” he said.

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