OPINION: Time to hold accountable women who cannot prove rape accusations

OPINION: Time to hold accountable women who cannot prove rape accusations

When Lulu Hassan entered Kamiti Maximum Prison in 2019, nobody, including herself, could have foreseen that Julius Wambua, a man previously sentenced to life in prison, would eventually regain his freedom.

Lulu Hassan’s exposé, “Prison Diaries,” shed light on the ordeal of Julius Wambua, a devoted family man who had been falsely accused by his wife after a minor dispute.

According to Wambua’s account and his daughter Dorcas Mwende’s confession, his wife had coached their daughter to falsely testify in court, resulting in his wrongful imprisonment for a crime he did not commit.

Julius Wambua in Kamiti Maximum Prison where he spent a decade of his life. [Photo/Courtesy].

A year later, following the airing of Lulu Hassan’s story and a reevaluation of his case by the justice system, Wambua walked out of the daunting confines of Kamiti after a decade of wrongful incarceration.

However, his life was in shambles. With no place to call home and his family dispersed, Wambua, now 59, sought refuge at his younger brother’s house in Nairobi.

In essence, false accusations had robbed him of ten years of his life.

Hold women accountable
Julius Wambua embraces his children after his release from Kamiti Maximum Prison. [Photo/Courtesy].

Fast forward to 2023, we encounter a similar situation involving Manchester United’s Brazilian winger, Antony Dos Santos, facing accusations of domestic violence from his ex-girlfriend, Gabriela Cavallin.

In an exclusive interview with the Brazilian website UOL, Cavallin detailed instances of alleged domestic violence, including an incident in which Antony purportedly attacked her with glass, causing severe finger injuries.

She recounted the first assault occurring on June 1, 2022, while she was pregnant and vacationing in Brazil.

Hold women accountable
Antony Dos Santos has been accused of domestic violence by his ex-girlfriend. [Photo/Courtesy].

Cavallin’s allegations have been supported by two other women, including Ingrid Lana, who claimed that Antony assaulted her when she refused his advances in Manchester in October 2022.

Antony, a member of the Brazil National Team, has vehemently denied these allegations.

Antony’s situation is reminiscent of Mason Greenwood‘s, a Manchester United academy graduate whose career took a hit in February 2022 when he was arrested on suspicion of rape and assault.

Despite being cleared of the charges, his career has yet to recover fully.

Hold women accountable
Mason Greenwood was arrested in February 2022 on suspicion of rape and assault. [Photo/Courtesy].

Similarly, Benjamin Mendy, a Manchester City footballer, faced accusations of rape and assault from multiple women.

Though he was ultimately found not guilty in 2023, the damage to his football career was already done.

The recurring theme in these cases is the devastating impact false accusations have on the accused individuals’ lives and careers.

Careers are derailed, sponsorships evaporate, contracts are terminated, and reputations are tarnished.

Hold women accountable
Benjamin Mendy faced accusations of rape and assault from multiple women. [Photo/Courtesy].

In light of these developments, it is crucial to address false accusations responsibly.

While genuine victims of abuse deserve protection and support, it is equally essential to ensure that individuals who make false claims face consequences for their actions.

This writer submits to us that women who make false accusations should be subject to legal repercussions, including imprisonment and substantial fines.

Such measures can serve as a deterrent and help prevent the destruction of innocent lives and careers.

Hold women accountable
Antony’s ex-girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin who has accused him of domestic violence. [Photo/Courtesy].

It is imperative to strike a balance between protecting victims and safeguarding the accused from unwarranted harm.

Without accountability for false accusations, we risk perpetuating a trend where careers are unjustly destroyed, and individuals suffer irreparable harm.

The burden of proof must not only rest on the accused but also on those who level allegations.

Only then can we achieve a fair and just system that respects the rights and reputations of all parties involved.

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