Parents protest over CEO’s actions at Jonathan Gloag Academy

Parents protest over CEO’s actions at Jonathan Gloag Academy

Learning came to a standstill at Jonathan Gloag Academy on Tuesday, April 2, as parents staged protests within the school premises.

Holding placards, they demanded the immediate resignation of the school’s CEO citing irregularities in the creation of the CEO position.

The parents alleged that the CEO interfered with the role of the head teacher making the latter’s position merely ceremonial. They gathered outside the school staff offices demanding access to the CEO’s office or else threatened to break in.

Police arrived but struggled to calm the protesting parents. Despite their efforts, the situation remained tense prompting them to involve school management.

This incident echoes a similar event on January 8, when parents at Tinet Primary School in Eldama Ravine, Baringo County stormed the institution demanding the dismissal of the principal due to poor performance in the 2023 KCPE exams.

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They even locked up the principal’s office, refusing to allow their children to return unless their demands were met.

The protesting parents claim to have brought their concerns to the County Education offices but received no response. They lamented the lack of communication from the Sub-County Director of Education and the Headteacher, Judy Sang.

Moreover, the parents accused the school administration of clandestinely selling school property such as maize, cows and milk.

These incidents highlight growing tensions between parents and school administrations over various issues from administrative irregularities to academic performance concerns.

As parents continue to advocate for their children’s education, it underscores the importance of transparent communication and accountability within educational institutions.

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