Pastor Ezekiel: When you marry a Diana be ready to share with many

Pastor Ezekiel: When you marry a Diana be ready to share with many

Pastor Ezekiel Odero, the spiritual leader of New Life Christian Church, has once more stirred the pot of controversy with his remarks regarding women bearing the name Diana and their marital destinies.

In a widely circulated address that has ignited a social media frenzy, Pastor Ezekiel delivered a cautionary message to men, advising them against entering matrimony with women named Diana if they harbour hopes of achieving marital bliss.

Pastor Ezekiel Diana
Pastor Ezekiel Odero of New Life Christian Church in a past crusade. [Photo/Courtesy].

The clergyman boldly asserted that the name carried with it a crooked history, and he earnestly advised his followers against giving their children such names.

Pastor Ezekiel claimed that Diana is a promiscuous woman and that any man choosing her as a wife should be ready to share with the public, whether he wants or not.

“Don’t give your child the name Diana because when she gets married, you’ll have to share her with people. Diana is loved for no reason, even if she doesn’t know it. Without her knowing, someone will tell her that when I look at her, my mind gets confused because that name carries bad spirits,” Ezekiel said.

Pastor Ezekiel tears into the name ‘Diana’ during a sermon in his church. [Photo/Courtesy].

The man of God also claimed that women bearing the name Diana seldom get married and in the event that they do, marital bliss is all but a mirage.

According to Pastor Ezekiel, women named Diana invariably assume a dominant role, wielding authority over their husbands and dictating the course of the marriage’s voyage.

Pastor Ezekiel Diana
Pastor Ezekiel Odero appears in a Mombasa Court in May 2023. [Photo/Courtesy].

He asserts that for a marriage involving a woman named Diana to last, the man must assume the role of a woman, or else the relationship is bound to crumble.

“Have you ever seen any Diana in a marriage? Not a single one. If you marry a Diana, you’ll live under her control; she’ll carry you like a robot. You’ll live with Diana, and she becomes the man. But if you want to be the man, Diana has to go. That’s the truth,” Pastor Ezekiel said.

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