Police officer kills colleague over unknown dispute, surrenders himself

Police officer kills colleague over unknown dispute, surrenders himself

Residents of Kikima in Mbooni, Makueni County woke up to gunshots on Saturday morning from police officers engaged in a tussle.

Charles Ronoh, sub county police commander Mbooni West, confirmed there was a shooting incident within the Mbooni West police camp.

Apparently, the two officers engaged in a fight at 6:15 am had recently been transferred to Mbooni West sub county HQ office.

“At around 6:15 to 6:30 some officers from the Administration Police Service were reporting on duty. I do not know whether they disagreed because we just heard a loud bang,” Ronoh explained.

The police boss stated that the gunshots were audible from his house. He swiftly rushed to the scene only to find one of the officers had been shot and died instantly.

“On trying to talk to him,it was realized that the officer was bleeding on the left side of the ribs(.)On further examination it was discovered that he had been shot by use of a firearm and he was dead,” read part of police report OB 05/30/03/2024.

The accused, APC Anthony Mariapei, reportedly surrendered himself to police and confessed to killing his colleague APC Hassan Ahmed using his G3 rifle.

Mariapei, who had just completed the night shift, was scheduled to hand over to the deceased who was coming in for the day shift.

“After some minutes we got information from Mbooni Police Station that the officer who had shot the deceased had surrendered there.”

The murder suspect is under custody as investigations into the shooting incident kick off.

Both G3 rifles s/no A3 J54127 loaded with 18 rounds and A3 J54444 loaded with 20 rounds issued to both the accused and deceased officers respectively have been detained as exhibits pending ballistic examinations.

Meanwhile, the deceased’s body was transferred to Mbooni sub-County Hospital mortuary pending autopsy.

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