President Ruto apologizes to his daughter: ‘I was wrong’

President Ruto apologizes to his daughter: ‘I was wrong’

President William Ruto on May 21, 2024 apologized to his daughter after denying her a chance to do film.

He apologized on Wednesday when he visited the Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, during his state visit to the United States.

During the state visit, President Ruto was accompanied by his beautiful daughters: June Ruto, Stephanie Ruto and Cullie Ruto.

During a photography session at the Tyler Perry studios, President Ruto asked his children to step out and take some pictures.

His daughter, Cullie Ruto then reminded him of a request she had made about eight years ago. She wanted to pursue a career in film making.

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President William Ruto shakes hands with American TV host Steve Harvey at the Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia PHOTO: X

The President admitted that at that time he did not understand the significance of her request and had denied it.

However, after touring the Tyler Perry studios and witnessing the essence of film in the industry, he realized his mistake and apologized.

President Ruto went ahead and apologized to his daughter saying,” Now I see what you could see in 8 years ago.”

Recognizing the economic and cultural power of film and media, the president expressed a renewed pledge to support and invest in Kenya’s creative economy.

”I understand about eight years ago, my daughter, and she is around, she asked me, ‘you know, I want to do film. So I asked her, What did you say?’ I must apologise to her today, she was right and I was wrong,” Ruto stated.

”Because today, while we were going around, she told me do you see what I told you? And its completely different,” he added.

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