Priest confesses to falling in love with woman he still contacts

Priest confesses to falling in love with woman he still contacts

Former Archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin, shared a candid glimpse into his life.

He revealed that he once came “close” to falling in love with a woman.

The retired cleric disclosed that there were at least two individuals he met who could have potentially become life partners.

Now 77 years old divulged in his lifetime he met two women who could have potentially become his life partners.

However, he ultimately chose the path of priesthood.

Remarkably, he maintained contact with the woman who could have been a significant part of his life, humorously remarking that she even taught him how to use WhatsApp.

Diarmuid Martin reflected on the concept of celibacy, explaining that during his time in the seminary from 1962 to 1969.

The priest said, the idea of a priest being married or in love was unimaginable.

They weren’t trained for celibacy and rarely discussed it, feeling isolated from the world.

The former Archbishop acknowledged that priests have emotions and a need for affection, revealing the loneliness and frustration that can accompany their vocation.

He admitted to meeting people with whom he could have built a life and even considered having a child with.

Diarmuid Martin also spoke candidly about his involvement in addressing clerical sex abuse, a critical issue within the Catholic Church.

The former Archbishop recalled requesting a police investigation into a case involving two priests, illustrating the extent of the problem.

He didn’t delve into specific names but emphasized the horrors of the abuse, some priests having victimized over 100 children, with very few expressing genuine remorse.

His revelations provided a unique perspective on the challenges and decisions faced by clergy, shedding light on the complexities of celibacy, love, and the fight against abuse within the Catholic Church.

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