Radio goes off air during live interview with Bobi Wine

Radio goes off air during live interview with Bobi Wine

A radio station that was hosting a Ugandan opposition politician Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine in Western Uganda went off air, as the show began.

Bobi Wine was at Endigyito radio station in Mbarara city when the incident occurred.

Residents who were waiting to listen to the National Unity Platform (NUP) party leader Bobi Wine were shocked as the signal went mute.

His supporters are now accusing the radio management of bias as they call for thorough investigations into the matter.

“I had wanted to listen to Bobi Wine on the radio but the station was off the air and I was very disappointed,” one of his supporters told news reporters.

Another concerned citizen who was also disturbed by missing the Bobi Wine show told news reporters that it was so unfortunate that, they could not get the chance to listen to their leader.

“I didn’t expect, such a thing to happen in the current Uganda, because Bobi Wine has a right to speak to his supporters, he has a right to air his views and political opinions,” he stated.

Radio station manager Bonny Maridadi confirmed the reports of the station going off the air during the show, adding that they are now investigating the matter.

“I received calls from concerned listeners who reported about the station going off air but at the broadcasting house we didn’t establish immediately what caused the problem,” said Maridadi.

Bobi Wine who later in the day addressed his supporters at Global High School, said the Ugandan government had ordered for the station to be switched off during his time for the talk show.

“When I was on the radio, they switched it off because they don’t want me to tell you the truth,” he stated.

The former presidential candidate in the 2021 presidential elections reminded his supporters of how the regime has always oppressed him.

On the other hand, Mbarara city resident commissioner James Mwesigye defended President Museveni’s regime, saying that the government was not responsible for switching off the radio station.

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