Raila’s convoy stopped by police in Narok

Raila’s convoy stopped by police in Narok

Drama ensued in Narok after police stopped Azimio leader Raila Odinga’s procession during a meet and greet with the residents.

The Azimio leader was coming from a church Thanksgiving service for ODM nominated Member of County Assembly Christine Lemeon .

Odinga, along with prominent Azimio leaders, including former Defense Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa, was on his way to Narok town when law enforcement authorities blocked him.

This prompted Odinga to alight from his vehicle and confront law enforcement officers who had obstructed his motorcade.

Odinga lamented to the area OCPD that halting him on a public highway was unjust and unfair.

The OCPD informed Raila of a “large procession” in Narok town, emphasizing police actions to prevent potential conflicts.

“I’m a former Prime Minister of this country, you cannot block me because there is a procession in town. This is a highway,” Raila said.

Following a brief discussion with the police, they moved the police lorry, permitting Odinga to resume his journey towards Narok town.

Earlier on Odinga continued his attacks on the government over the lack of commitment in conserving the Mau Forest.

Raila faulted the government for allowing encroachment of the forest, which risks wiping out the forest cover.

“I have been frequently flying over the forest and what I’m currently seeing is totally destruction to the forest and that should stop with immediate effect,” Raila said.

He added that Mau forest should be conserved at all costs as millions of people depend on it.

“Many people are depending on these forests for their livelihoods and destroying them means destroying their lives.”

Raila thanked the Maasai community for standing with him in the rehabilitation of the Mau forest.

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