Rich Pastor Kanyari now chasing love on TikTok

Rich Pastor Kanyari now chasing love on TikTok

Kanyari is a controversial pastor with a penchant for stirring up headlines, receiving gifts and attracting a series of women enamoured by the man of God’s handsome looks and fame.

Since joining TikTok, Kanyari has been making headlines for interesting reasons. He defended his decision to be on the platform, emphasizing that it wasn’t about money or gifts but because he loved people.

“I had married Betty Bayo but we divorced. I am now single but I want to marry. I know I will find someone here on TikTok,” Kanyari shared in one of his TikTok videos.

Pastor Kanyari
Pastor Kanyari

During one of his church service Kanyari was surprised by the presence of a light skinned lady.

He called her to the pulpit, praised her stunning beauty and expressed his admiration for her in front of the congregation .

The lady who is also a TikTok user bent down to greet him as Kanyari requested that she be given a soft drink.

In a Tiktok video, his smooth voice and strategic approach left social media buzzing.

The pastor while appearing on KTN lately admitted that his controversial ”mbegu ya 310” money request from his followers was not intended for miracles but rather a way to escape poverty.

“Nikasema panda mbegu ya 310 na tusibishane. Si kutaka kwangu, umaskini ulikuwa umenitandika sawasawa,” Kanyari confessed.

In a series of trending viral videos, Kamunge unabashedly professes her admiration for Kanyari, labeling him her man and proposing grand gestures that promise to push the boundaries of their budding relationship.

Kamunge boldly suggested showcasing their love on a billboard in the heart of Nairobi, an audacious move that would undoubtedly send shock waves through the city streets .

“Na unalala hapo [between boobs] hapo katikati,” Kanyari tells Rish Kamunge with whom they have been flirting online.

Mercy, a young woman confined to a wheelchair due to paralysis openly declared her interest in becoming pastor Kanyari’s wife during a live video on TikTok.

Despite her condition, Kanyari was excited and promised to treat the lady like a queen. He even offered to take her for treatment to remove the catheter so they could have children together.

Recently divorced from gospel singer Betty Bayo after the 310 scandal, he has taken to the popular platform to explore connections and courtship amid the adoring declarations of Rish Kamunge, a TikTok sensation.

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