Sheng Master Kartelo Makes TV Come-Back After Three-Year Hiatus!


Comedian Kartelo whose real name Nick Chege is back with a bang after a three-years hiatus!

Kartelo who became an internet sensation and rose to fame with his famous “Sheng” antics and unique content creation, went on a hiatus after he became a father to his baby girl to focus on family matters.

He had gone MIA for a while and had earlier said in an interview with Eve Mungai on her YouTube channel that he needed some time off because fame made him forget about happiness and people that mattered most in his life.

Adding,“ I dedicated so much of my time to people’s happiness but now I decided to focus on my life, my personal projects and family.”

He was not just sitting idle but did something very productive with his life and started his music record project. He said, I believe there are true fans who value my work and even if I am not active, they still value me. I have always wanted to start a music studio that’s why I have started Kimonyoski Records.”

Great news to his fans who missed his humour, he is making his much-anticipated comeback to the Chipukeezy Show, where he will co-host alongside Chipukeezy, and fans should expect an incredible season.

The Chipukeezy Show was the platform that catapulted him to immense popularity. He shared the exciting news on Instagram expressing his readiness to embark on a journey to create history once again.

Chipukeezy overflowing with gratitude shared the news on Instagram and wrote,” “With a heart full of gratitude, I can hardly believe I’m saying this – the Chipukeezy Show is back! After 3 years break, this journey feels even more meaningful, and I can’t thank God enough for His blessings. A special heartfelt accolade to our new home, KBC Channel 1, the number one and most senior, easy-to-watch station!”

He was unfortunately forced to terminate his show on Ebru TV  after he was compelled to drop Kartelo to which he declined and stood with Kartelo all through. This comeback is a special dedication to all their loyal fans for showing love and dedication through the years.

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