Singer Mejja: Create time for family they’re the ones to bury you

Singer Mejja: Create time for family they’re the ones to bury you

Gengetone artiste Major Nameye Khadija, popularly known as Mejja, has advised Kenyans to prioritize family over friends.

Mejja shared the unsolicited advice on his social media pages, alongside a photo with his family.

“Ntazidi kuwaambia…. Create time for your family, hao ndio watakuzika. Sisi friends wako tutakuja mazishi yako kama road trip kuona kama ulijenga kwenu ama raha ilikua inakumaliza,” he added.

Mejja Genge poses for a photo with his family members. PHOTO/FB

Mejja speaks on current relationship

The ‘Kanairo’ hitmaker has apparently been an unlucky man when it comes to relationships.

In June this year, the father of two hinted at a troubled relationship with his mysterious girlfriend, suggesting that he did not have plans of finally settling down with her.

Mimi husema hivi, mpaka ukae na dame miaka tano au kumi hivi ndio unaweza kuja hapa usema ni wako. Lakini manzi ni wako akiwa kwako, akitoka nje ni mali ya uma. Sasa ni kama kuniuliza kama Uhuru Park ni yangu, si ni ya uma?”

[I always say, until you’ve been with a lady for five or ten years, that’s when you can confidently claim she’s yours. But when she goes out, she becomes public property. It’s like asking me if Uhuru Park is mine, isn’t it public property?]

Co-parenting with two baby mamas

He broke up with his second baby mama Milly Wairimu in 2020. The two slandered each other online despite having a child together.

In yet another interview in 2022, Mejja revealed that co-parenting with his two baby mamas had become smooth over time.

Born and raised by a single parent, the Gengetone artist admitted that he was disappointed in himself for bearing children outside of marriage.

Mejja shows off bike he bought for his child. PHOTO/FILE

“I remember seeing my neighbor, who used to go to church with his family, and I admired that kind of a family.

“If you grew up in a single-parent home, you find you want a stable family, but when you end up the same way as your parents, you feel disappointed,” he explained.

Nevertheless, he tries to be present in his children’s lives.

“I’m not the best dad but I try as much as possible to be in their lives. Picking up your child and returning them to the mum after visitation, makes me feel like I am not the best dad,” Mejja stated.

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