Sonko advises President Ruto to closely examine his advisors, fire corrupt Cabinet Secretaries

Sonko advises President Ruto to closely examine his advisors, fire corrupt Cabinet Secretaries

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has urged President William Ruto to reassess his advisers, suggesting they mislead him and fail to convey the public’s concerns accurately.

Sonko emphasized that he had previously warned the President about the unpopularity of the Finance Bill, highlighting that the advisers were not open to advice and often isolated the President from elected leaders.

He emphasized that when he initially raised concerns about President Ruto’s advisors, he faced criticism for allegedly not supporting the President.

However, he noted that shortly afterward, many people began to agree with him, acknowledging that Ruto’s advisors were not aiding him effectively.

Sonko urged the President to heed public opinion and dismiss corrupt Cabinet Secretaries who have been implicated in corruption.

He warned that failure to address these issues could lead to Gen Zs organizing anti-government demonstrations again. He drew parallels to West African countries, where neglecting the younger generation led to unrest and governmental overthrows.

He urges President Ruto to seize the opportunity to engage with the youth and incorporate their ideas into his administration.

According to Sonko, the recent anti-Finance Bill demonstrations by Generation Z indicated a desire for change and a voice in governance.

Sonko also revealed his own frustrations, claiming he was promised several government positions for his supporters in exchange for backing the United Democratic Alliance (UDA), but these promises have not been fulfilled.

He expressed disappointment at not receiving any of the promised positions, including one Cabinet Secretary, three Principal Secretaries, one ambassadorial seat, and six parastatal roles.

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