Sonnie Badu: ‘I sold my Rolex watch to organize a concert due to lack of sponsors’


Sonnie Badu, a UK-based Ghanaian gospel musician shed light on the hurdles he encountered while seeking sponsorship for his latest concert.

Despite devoting more than five months to meticulous planning, Sonnie Badu and his team faced challenges.

Most potential sponsors declined to offer their support.

Undeterred by the setbacks, Sonnie Badu boldly decided to sell his cherished Rolex watch to fund the event.

Despite the financial strain, the dedicated artist pressed on, determined to make his Rhythms of Africa concert a reality. Photo: Sonnie Badu/Facebook.

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The Grand Arena of Accra International Conference Centre (AICC) witnessed the culmination of his efforts.

He successfully delivered an unforgettable show.

Known for hits like “Baba,” had previously shared images of himself in crutches on social media.

Further revealing that he had undergone a major surgery due to a domestic accident.

Some sceptical netizens speculated that the domestic accident was merely a ploy to generate hype for the concert. Photo: Sonnie Badu/Facebook.

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However, those doubts were dispelled as the Wonder God singer true to his vibrant self, took to the stage.

He delivered a performance that captivated the audience.

After his electrifying performance, the artist reclaimed his crutches and gracefully exited the stage.

This further fueled suspicions among certain netizens that the crutches episode was, in fact, a strategic promotional manoeuvre for Rhythms of Africa.

Interestingly, after a week of navigating the stage on crutches, the singer surprised the audience by performing without them. Photo: Sonnie Badu/Facebook.

His resilience and commitment to his craft prevailed, turning obstacles into triumphs and delivering a concert that left a lasting imprint on the hearts of those in attendance.

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