Star-struck?  Kenyan politician takes selfie with Mozambique president

Star-struck?  Kenyan politician takes selfie with Mozambique president

Nyandarua Senator Methu Muhia has come under sharp criticism for taking a selfie with President Filipe Jacinto Nyusi of Mozambique during the Africa Climate Summit.

Despite his assignment as the Escort of Honor, he shared pictures from their meetings and car rides, highlighting the importance of his political experience and his belief in strong political parties.

Among the photos he posted, some Kenyans criticized the one featuring his selfie with President Filipe, advising him that it was not the appropriate way to behave in the presence of a Head of State.


Senator Methu described it as a significant opportunity for diplomatic learning, from receiving President Nyusi at JKIA Presidential Pavilion to sharing breakfast and driving to the African Climate Summit at KICC.

“I had the privilege of partaking in a significant diplomatic learning experience.

This journey began with welcoming President Nyusi at the JKIA Presidential Pavilion, followed by a shared breakfast at his hotel,

culminating in our joint arrival at the KICC for the Africa Climate Summit.

“As he departs, I look forward to reinforcing our diplomatic ties through an upcoming visit to Maputo.

The criticism centred on perceived breaches of protocol and the informal nature of taking a selfie with a foreign dignitary.

In diplomatic circles, officials’ conduct is closely scrutinized, emphasizing the importance of maintaining formality.

Furthermore, this incident underscores the significance of diplomatic propriety and the meticulous evaluation of officials’ actions during prominent international events.

On the flip side, some contended that his presence served as a testament to President William Ruto’s faith in youth leadership.

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