Three ways to win an election – Dennis Itumbi

Three ways to win an election – Dennis Itumbi

Dennis, the mastermind behind digital strategies that lit up Kenyan elections, now wears the crown of a true President-Maker.

But his prowess doesn’t stop at Kenya’s borders; he’s been the hotshot sought after by nations worldwide.

Election maker Itumbi said winning is what he does
Itumbi said he has won several elections

Yet, he remains tight-lipped about the specifics, for revealing names might ignite diplomatic fires.

Winning elections, Dennis insists, isn’t rocket science.

It’s all about two vital elements: commitment and a well-laid plan. When these two ingredients blend, you’ve got yourself a recipe for success.

Dennis’ journey to electoral glory is a testament to his exceptional skills.

He’s the guy who orchestrated digital campaigns that left a lasting mark on Kenyan politics. And now, he’s the man behind the curtain, pulling strings for Ruto.

Itumbi was a key player in helping Uhuru Kenyatta win elections

But let’s not forget, that his expertise on elections extends far beyond Kenya’s borders.

He’s been a sought-after sage in the realm of electioneering, with nations from distant lands knocking on his door for guidance.

Still, when prodded to name names, Dennis demurs, not wanting to fan the flames of international intrigue.

He’s content to let his reputation speak for itself, and it speaks volumes.

Dennis knows the secret sauce to winning elections, and he’s more than willing to share.

Itumbi played a major role in Ruto’s elections as well.

It’s not some elusive magic; it’s a cocktail of unwavering commitment and a meticulously crafted plan.

Blend these elements, and you’ve got a recipe for electoral triumph.

In a world where political landscapes can be treacherous, Dennis remains a beacon of wisdom.

His strategies are more than just algorithms and data; they’re the building blocks of victory.

And that’s why he’s the go-to guy, the President-Maker extraordinaire.