Tiktoker Malcolm lets house-help drive his Porsche

Tiktoker Malcolm lets house-help drive his Porsche

South African TikToker Malcolm has warmed the hearts of many and earned the respect and admiration with his kindness.

He has a heart-warming relationship with his manager, Thembi Ubisi, something that challenges most employers.

He shares hilarious video clips on TikTok with his house manager and is a man who believes in treating everybody with dignity and kindness.

Malcolm with his house manager Thembi. Photo/Courtesy

Malcolm Wentzel is a TikToker, CEO and Director of various multi-national companies . He is married to Kiki La Coco, his second marriage after the demise of his first wife Lizane Wentzel . He is a committed and dedicated father to his three kids.

Malcolm and his house manager are always up to something fun, spontaneous and enjoy pranking each other, a “super bond” that is rarely seen in today’s households.

He recently let Thembi drive his luxurious German machine, a Porsche , a gesture that spoke volumes about their connection.. They had gone out to grab donuts then surprisingly gave her the opportunity to get behind the wheels. She grabbed the opportunity with both hands and sped off with excitement.

Malcolm handing his house manager Thembi keys to his Porsche. Photo/TikTok

Mzanzi people are still in awe of their unique and special bond. They went on to compliment the pair, some of them even wished that they could be Thembi.

“I think Thembi raised Malcolm from childhood, the bond is super,” one person wrote while another added:

“What if it’s Thembi the millionaire and Malcolm is just the cover-up? Thembi ke boss.”

When Malcom isn’t pranking, he is spoiling her rotten. He recently gifted her a pricey Rolex watch leaving fans amazed and teary-eyed.

Malcolm gifting Thembi a pricey Rolex watch that got her emotional. Photo/TikTok

Many fans appreciated their relationship and awesome gestures displayed to his house manager.

Fans shared great comments and wished they were in her position.

“Big ups to Malcolm for recognizing the hard work and dedication of domestic workers. #Ubuntu,” one person wrote while another added:

“Thembi’s reaction is priceless! This is a true example of making a positive impact.”

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