Trump plans to surrender on Thursday in Georgia

Trump plans to surrender on Thursday in Georgia

Former President Trump plans to surrender in Atlanta on Thursday following his indictment in Georgia over election interference during the 2020 elections.

In a statement he issued on his social media platform, Truth Social, he said, “I’ll be going to Atlanta, Georgia, on Thursday to be arrested.” Trump said that the arrest was a political witch hunt from the “radical left.”

President Trump during a rally

According to CNN, Trump’s legal team had made arrangements to present himself in Fulton County, Georgia.

The negotiations happened between Trump’s legal team and the district attorney. The two parties were able to go over the terms of his release and consent forms as the procedure in processing.

Trump’s legal team leaving the Fulton County courthouse in Atlanta/ Google

Consequently, one of the 18 parties charged alongside Trump is his election attorney, John Eastman.

John Eastman has also made prior arrangements to surrender in Fulton, Georgia.


Mr. Eastman and the other co-accused parties are expected to enter a “not guilty” plea, where the terms of their release will be clarified and a deal agreed upon with the district attorney’s office.

Lawyer John Eastman, one of the 17 co-accused

Now, contained in the 98-page Georgia indictment are 41 criminal counts levelled against President Trump and his electioneering team.

\According to CNN, quoting a source from the sheriff’s office, threats have been made against employees in the county office.

On Thursday, President Trump will surrender to the county employees at the sheriff’s office.

Fulton County Jail in Georgia

Pending Indictments?

In addition to that, it has been almost routine for Trump to surrender for arrest. Trump has been charged in New York, Washington, DC, and Florida.

Despite having active charges going on, Trump has doubled down on attacking those handling his indictment.

The district attorney’s office has however shared its concern over Trump’s almost predictable nature in the wake of fresh indictments.

Coincidentally, one of the terms of his release is to refrain from attacking and threatening co-defendants and only communicate through lawyers.

Among the charges, Trump is being charged with racketeer-influenced and corrupt organizations, popularly known as RICO.

Former President Trump has remained adamant about his innocence, claiming his charges are nothing more than a “witch hunt.”

With the 2024 election date drawing closer and charges piling up, Trump is still the leading candidate for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024.

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