Two Manchester United defenders feature in EPL top 10 list of most own goals

Two Manchester United defenders feature in EPL top 10 list of most own goals

Two Manchester United defenders feature in the top ten list of most own goals in the English Premier League, and woe unto you if you thought of Harry Maguire or Phil Jones.

Own goals in football, a unique aspect of the game, often elicit a blend of amusement and frustration from both fans and players alike.

In this article, we embark on a journey into the captivating realm of own goals within the English Premier League.

Manchester United defenders
Harry Maguire is not in the EPL top ten list of most own goals despite often being unlucky in front of his own goal. [Photo/Courtesy].

Our mission to uncover the identity of the individual holding the rather undesirable title of “the player with the most own goals in Premier League history” stands as our primary objective on this date, September 14, 2023.

The record that nobody wants to hold

The prospect of scoring own goals is not one that any player aspires to achieve, yet some unfortunate individuals repeatedly find themselves in this unenviable position.

Among these players, the former center-back Richard Dunne stands out, as he bears the ignominious distinction of having recorded the highest number of own goals in EPL history.

Manchester United defenders
Richard Dunne holds the record for the most own goals scored in the Premier League. [Photo/Courtesy].

Over the course of his career, he managed to inadvertently guide the ball into his own team’s net an astonishing 10 times, a statistic that undoubtedly continues to haunt him.

Richard Dunne at the summit of the undesirable record chart

While Richard Dunne firmly occupies the top spot on this undesirable leaderboard, former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher isn’t far behind, having tallied seven own goals to his name.

Jamie Carragher’s name is synonymous with Liverpool, but undoubtedly, this particular record is not one he would have chosen to claim.

Two Manchester United defenders are on the list – Jonny Evans who has now returned to the club and Wes Brown who is now retired.

Manchester United defenders
Manchester United academy graduate Jonny Evans is in the top ten list of footballers with the most own goals in EPL history. [Photo/Courtesy].

Who are the top ten own goal scorers in the EPL?

Before we conclude our exploration, let us take a moment to acknowledge the contributions of some players who have played their part in this peculiar statistic.

Here are the top ten names that ring a bell in the own goal department:

  1. Richard Dunne – 10 own goals
  2. Jamie Carragher – 7 own goals
  3. Martin Skrtel – 7 own goals
  4. Phil Jagielka – 7 own goals
  5. Jonny Evans – 6 own goals
  6. Wes Brown – 6 own goals
  7. Ryan Shawcross – 6 own goals
  8. Frank Sinclair – 6 own goals
  9. Jonny Evans – 6 own goals
  10. Lewis Dunk – 6 own goals

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