Vera Sidika trolled for claiming daughter’s bed costs Ksh 548,000


Vera Sidika’s daughter’s room just became the talk of the town – and not everyone’s clapping in admiration.

The socialite gave fans an all-access pass to her little princess’s dreamy bedroom.

Asia’s room.

It was a sight to behold, a tour that whisked viewers into a world of luxury fit for a tiny princess.

The glitz, the glam, the fairy-tale flair – every corner whispered a tale of opulence.

The cost of the bed raised a lot of eyebrows and sparked a virtual debate.

The mother of two said it costs a whooping Ksh548,000.

Vera claimed that the bed was imported from the United Kingdom.

Vera Sidika told off her haters via her Instagram

From Instagram to Twitter, the buzz was real.

Some jaws dropped, while others shrugged it off as Vera being Vera. After all, this isn’t the first time she’s shown us a slice of her dazzling lifestyle.

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