“We quarrel daily”: Celebrated actor speaks about his 30 year-marriage

“We quarrel daily”: Celebrated actor speaks about his 30 year-marriage

Veteran Nollywood actor, Keppy Ekpenyong, said he quarrels with his wife, Nyong Bassey Inyang, every day but she is still his best friend.

In a candid revelation, he confessed:

 “My wife and I quarrel every day,”

laying bare a truth that resonates with countless couples.

The couple has been married for 30 years

Keppy’s unwavering commitment

Amidst the storm of daily tiffs, Keppy said he finds solace in his wife, Nyong Bassey Inyang.

To him, she’s not just a life partner, but a kaleidoscope of roles – girlfriend, sidekick, confidante, and even the elixir of mischief.

His words danced with emotion as he reflected:

“She’s still my best friend, a bond stronger than the bickering.”

The couple have been married for 30 years and have been blessed with two children.

Keppy is a celebrated actor in Nigeria

Keppy said his confession isn’t just a tale of dissonance; it’s a song of enduring love.

Our arguments shouldn’t worry anyone; why should they give other people sleepless nights while we are not tired ourselves?

Play with your partner

Amidst their squabbles, Keppy said the secret ingredient that keeps their union unbreakable is their playful nature.

With a canvas painted by more than three decades of togetherness, the couple stands as a testament to endurance and commitment.

Their love story, a saga adorned with two children, stands tall in the face of challenges.

And amidst it all, Keppy finds his greatest fulfilment under the spotlight, as an actor. His passion for the craft is a lighthouse guiding his journey. It’s the spark that fuels his spirit and makes every script a canvas for his soul.

In a world where picture-perfect façades often obscure the truth, Keppy’s candid words shine brightly. His tale reminds us that love isn’t just about the polished moments; it’s about the messy, beautiful journey two souls undertake together.

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