Why American TV Host Steve Harvey will visit Kenya twice this year

Why American TV Host Steve Harvey will visit Kenya twice this year

Steve Harvey, an American TV host and comedian has announced he will be visiting Kenya in September this year.

Harvey said he will visit Kenya in September when he takes his vacation. This was during a meeting with President William Ruto on Tuesday at the Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia.

After the September visit, he will return to Kenya for an official function in December. The visit will come ahead of the filming of his game show “Family Feud” in Johannesburg, South Africa.

“When I met my brother ( President Ruto), he invited me to Kenya. It just so happens that September is when I hit my vacation.

“I’m going to start shooting Family Feud again in Johannesburg but this time for Botswana. So I’m going to be on that side of the world before I go to see my brother, Ruto and we’re going to hang out in Kenya. This is a dream come true,” the comedian added.

The TV host welcomed President Ruto and his delegation to the studio in the absence of Tyler Perry, who had other commitments.

President Ruto expressed his excitement that this partnership will have a transformative impact on Kenya’s creative industry.

He added that it would be prudent if Harvey alongside others acted as mentors and inspiration to local creatives.

“This is going to change our trajectory, we are going to plan more and I want to be grateful to people around this table. Thank you my good brother for what you are doing with us in Kenya and I want to promise you that when you come, you will find the government aligned to work with you and the people in that space so that we can do more together.

“All the people from Hollywood we appreciate you and we want to see what we can do together so that you can act as an inspiration and mentor to many in Kenya who want to do what you do,” added president Ruto.

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