Why MP wants circumcision made mandatory in Kenya


Mukurweini Member of Parliament, Hon. John Kaguchia, has expressed his perspective on circumcision, advocating for its mandatory implementation in Kenya.

During an Interview with KTN, Kaguchia said that circumcision should be approached not from a cultural but health perspective irrespective of cultural beliefs surrounding it..

“Over the years, we’ve had many deaths by our young boys because of going through traditional circumcision that sometimes goes bad,” Kaguchia said

He went on to advise those who believe in cultural practice of circumcision, should also approach it in a healthy manner, preferably by a medical practitioner.

 “We are looking at circumcision not from a cultural perspective but more from a health perspective. So, my proposal is we make circumcision a matter of a matter of public health concern.” Kaguchia said.

While pointing out the health benefits of circumcision, Kaguchia further stated that boys who are not circumcised are more prone to contract sexual infections than those who are circumcised.

In conclusion, he acknowledged the national sensitivity surrounding the topic, highlighting that leaders from opposing viewpoints intentionally avoid addressing it due to concerns about potential political backlash.

“Members who also come from areas where circumcision is not practised, when they say it needs to be done, they also suffer political reprisals, yet these are young men of this country who needs to have someone to talk for (them).”

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