Willy M Tuva gave me my first show and paid me KSh 250k – Dogo Richie


Kenyan artist Francis Kazungu Kalama, better known by his stage name Dogo Richie has revealed how radio presenter Mzazi Willy M. Tuva played a pivotal role in transforming his life for the better.

Speaking during an interview on Radio 47’s music program, Baze 47, Dogo Richie recounted how Tuva plucked him from the bustling Pirates Beach in Mombasa and provided him with a music opportunity that significantly improved his circumstances.

Dogo Richie
Dogo Richie (L) speaks to Radio 47’s Manucho the Young Baller on Baze 47. [Photo/Radio 47].

Dogo Richie disclosed that Willy M. Tuva, who is his uncle, was instrumental in kickstarting his music career by offering him a lucrative music show.

“Mzazi Willy M. Tuva is my uncle. He is the first person to get me from Pirates Beach. He gave me a show worth 250,000 Kenyan shillings. I was fascinated. In fact, I was given a cheque which I could look at thinking, ‘This paper will get torn,” Dogo Richie said in an interview with Manucho, the Young Baller.

The recording artist who clocks 35 on September 15, 2023, had for years tried his luck at music without any reasonable success.

To make ends meet, Dogo continued with his casual job of washing cars at Pirates Beach until the intervention of Willy M. Tuva, which marked a turning point in his life.

Dogo Richie refutes claims of favouritism

Dogo Richie vehemently refuted claims that he received special favours from Tuva due to their familial ties, asserting that Tuva has consistently identified and nurtured numerous talents over the years, including himself.

Dogo Richie
Radio presenter Mzazi Willy M. Tuva (L) with Dogo Richie. [Photo/Courtesy].

He emphasized that Tuva deserves the utmost respect for his legendary status and should not be unfairly criticized for nepotism or favouritism.

“Tuva is one of the biggest presenters that have produced so many artists. So if they say, because he is my uncle, that is not true. I can mention so many artists who have come from his hands. He is a legend,” he said.

The coastal town of Malindi in Kilifi County is Dogo Richie’s hometown, and his musical repertoire boasts several hits, including “Naona Raha,” “Sina Raha,” “Tule Sheshe,” “Diet” (featuring Masauti), and “Ndani ya Moyo,” where he collaborated with the late Sam wa Ukweli.

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