Woman narrates how her husband agreed to wed after eleven years

Woman narrates how her husband agreed to wed after eleven years

Andrew Muchaina and Irene Nanyonga’s love story began at the National Teacher’s College in Kabale, western Uganda.

Andrew couldn’t help but be smitten with Irene when he first laid eyes on her.

“I fell in love with her physical appearance and complexion,” he said.

However, he kept his feelings a secret, as they were in different years of study at the college.

As fate would have it, Andrew’s roommate was dating Irene’s friend, Julliet, and that’s how they were introduced.

Andrew didn’t waste any time and expressed his serious interest in dating Irene. To put him to the test, Irene asked him to visit her paternal aunt and elder sister, a challenge he readily accepted, solidifying Irene’s affection for him.

In 2011, Andrew graduated, and in the following year, Irene followed suit. They took the big step of moving in together and welcomed their first child into the world.

However, Irene was determined not to have another child out of wedlock, so she initiated conversations with Andrew about their wedding plans.

She came up with a practical plan: they could buy a few wedding-related items every month.

Irene was so enthusiastic that she even purchased the bridesmaids’ dresses in advance.

However, Andrew had reservations. He had only been working for three years and was cautious about spending their hard-earned money on an extravagant wedding.

In 2016, the couple welcomed their second child, and the years passed.

It wasn’t until 2022, after Andrew had graduated from Makerere University, that he finally announced his plans for their wedding.

Irene was overjoyed, and despite the 11 years of waiting, her husband had finally fulfilled his promise. Their love story, filled with patience and perseverance, was about to reach its happily ever after.

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