Woman’s sliced body recovered from septic tank

Woman’s sliced body recovered from septic tank

The remains of an unidentified woman, brutally chopped into at least 18 pieces, were recovered from a septic tank.

On September 5th, detectives made a grim discovery in Kampala, Makindye division.

The unidentified woman’s body was found in a septic tank

Leafy suburb

Unfortunately, her gruesome murder marked the fifth such unsettling case found in the area since 2019.

Ironically, despite the fact that the Makindye division is home to some of the country’s wealthiest neighbourhoods, police reports indicate that this region has become a hotspot for criminal activities.

The detectives said with each passing day the presence of crime in the area is a troubling anomaly.

It is not clear how she ended up inside the septic tank

Gruesome murder

Particularly dumbfounded, in response to this gruesome revelation, detectives wasted no time and apprehended two suspects.

They diligently gathered incriminating evidence in connection with the horrifying case.

The woman’s lifeless body had been cruelly disposed of in a septic tank.

The details are chilling – the victim’s head was decapitated, her torso dismembered, and her nose and ears were disturbingly buried separately in a shattered whiskey bottle.

The following day, detectives made another gruesome discovery when they found her severed head.

As the investigation unfolds, it remains unclear whether this heinous act was driven by ritualistic motives or if it was simply a brutal murder, shrouding the case in a veil of mystery and horror.

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