“You are cursed!” Pastor Ng’ang’a slams Kenyan TikTok users

“You are cursed!” Pastor Ng’ang’a slams Kenyan TikTok users

Controversial preacher James Ng’ang’a has voiced his concern over popular TikTok platform which has particularly attracted young people.

Ng’ang’a, of Neno Evangelism Centre, noted that there was lack of proper guidance on usage of the platform making it a chaotic space.

“Hii TikTok imeharibu. You talk too much. Like crazy people. You are the cursed generation. Look how you are dying, look how you are drowning in the water,” he argued.

The preacher went on to speak about Brian Chira’s untimely death, saying it was not a natural one as God does not take away young lives.

“And you are all going to attend the funeral of one of your own. Do you think God took him away? God doesn’t take young people. Where do you think God would take such a young child? To be with Moses, Aaron or Elijah in heaven? That’s the devil destroying you.”

Ng’ang’a went on to slam TikTokers who turned Chira’s funeral into chaos and content creation space instead of allowing his family the chance to lay him to rest in a respectful manner.

Kenyatta University Funeral Home was on Tuesday March 26, 2024, congested with thousands of Kenyans who came to view Viral TikToker Brian Chira’s body.

The TikTok sensation was laid to rest the same day at his family home in Githunguri, Kiambu County.

The content creator died in a grisly hit and run accident in the early morning of 16th March 2024 as he was headed home from an entertainment joint.

According to an eyewitness, Brian Chira had boarded a motorcycle and upon arriving at his destination, he ran towards the road trying to avoid paying the boda-boda operator.

Chira’s online fan base raised over 7 million Kenyan shillings to cater for his final send off.

The burial ceremony was attended by Githunguri MP Wamuchomba, Mumias East MP Peter Salasya and other elected leaders.

MP Salasya moved the crowd with his speech as he eulogized Brian Chira as an inspiration to the young generation.

The MP said that he did not believe his eyes as a huge crowd had turned up for Chira because of his influential nature.

“No politician can pull the numbers we are seeing today,” he added.

He also offered the bereaved family a token of KSh40,000.

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